Re-Elect for City Council – Ward 11

Mike Nickel

Experienced. Strong Voice.

I am committed to taking your views and comments to City Hall.  I have served the residents of Ward 11 since 2013 and would be honoured to serve you for another term, helping all citizens get the maximum value for tax dollars.

My commitment is to open, transparent and accountable civic government. 

Please complete my survey. Your opinions and suggestions will ensure I continue to have a good understanding of the issues and concerns of Ward 11 residents.

I will be door knocking over the coming months. If you would like an in person visit to voice your concerns please fill out my contact form and we will make arrangements.

Thank you!

“It’s a DT vs suburb agenda that is really starting to rub, & there are a lot of frustrated people out there.” @MikeNickel_2017 #yegcc #yeg

Will traffic be key election issue? Results from @MikeNickel_2017's poll in ward 11. Interesting for #yegvote #yegcc

#IndiaIndependenceDay day celebrations in #Yeg #cise @MikeNickel_2017

Happy #IndependenceDay to both the #YEG #Pakistanis community (Aug 14th) and the YEG #Indian community (Aug 15th). Proud to have your back.

Single parent = hardest job in #YEG (certainly harder than #yegcc work). Check out Single Parent’s Night at #Millwoods Assembly. #respect

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Edmonton Election Day Is

Monday, October 16, 2017

21 Days To Go